2016 is marking a new challenge for me, as I take on an expanded role with the television program The Sustainable Region. Here is the first episode I produced — a repackaged version of Tristram Stuart’s inspiring talk on food waste, delivered at the 2015 Zero Waste Conference last October.

“From Metro Vancouver’s 2015 Zero Waste Conference, an inspiring talk from food waste activist Tristram Stuart. His recipe for addressing food waste could be the secret ingredient for feeding a global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.”

Recent Work – Community Workshops Gather Input from Residents as North Vancouver Considers Climate Change Adaptation

Hotter temperatures are a familiar symptom of climate change. Another is extreme precipitation – intense bouts of heavy rainfall that can damage private homes AND civic infrastructure. In North Vancouver, community workshops help the public understand the challenges municipalities face with issues such as extreme weather and offer a chance to collaborate on potential solutions.

Recent Work – Packout = Profit Part 2

Second in a series. Commissioned by Assured Software for Restoration and Remediation Magazine. Click on the image to read full article You’ve grown tired of the paper lists, the data entry discrepancies and the all-around hassle of relying on out-dated methods to handle packouts and inventories for your restoration clients. The

Recent Work: Packout Software = Profit

Article commissioned by Assured Software for Restoration and Remediation Magazine. Click on image to read full article The packout. It can be a crucial piece of the restoration/remediation puzzle, especially for jobs requiring a full suite of services, like contents management. But it’s also fertile ground for inefficiencies and costly