Is Canada Buying into Biking?

This article was originally published in PEDAL magazine Is Canada Buying into Biking? What’s the state of cycling in urban Canada? It is building credibility as a sensible all-ages way to get around town. The bicycle’s biggest boosters are heralding a Renaissance in two-wheeled travel. Many cities across the country

Flying with Folders

Folding bikes are quickly becoming more popular as the technology, performance, and design of these portable pedalers improves. Here’s my recent article for Granville Online, listing three folders light enough to meet Harbour Air’s weight restrictions for luggage, as well as an accompanying piece describing the Vancouver floatplane company’s carbon-offset


My latest article for Granville Online: “It started in July 2009. The creation of a separated, protected lane for cyclists on the Burrard Bridge turned out to be just the beginning of Vision Vancouver’s ambitious plan for increasing cycling in Vancouver. In 2010, the addition of separated lanes on Dunsmuir