It’s one of the easiest ways to refresh an older Mac Mini, MacBook, or MacBook Air. You choose the new drive you want from our suggested suppliers. We double-check the compatibility, and then the Easy SSD team comes to you. The work takes about an hour for us to install the new drive and then we migrate your programs and data for a seamless transition. It’s not hard. But it’s kind of a hassle to learn how to do it. So, we do it for you, for a fair price with a money-back guarantee. EasySSD brings the right tools and the right technology to your house for an easy in-home upgrade that gives your old Mac technology a blazing fast upgrade. If you rely on this proven workhorse computer for your graphics, video editing, or media streaming capabilities, or you just love the space-saving design and wide range of peripheral options with the Mac mini concept, a new SSD drive is a great investment that keeps money in your bank account and electronic waste out of the landfill.


EasySSD Combo Kits

Everything you need to add a solid state drive to your Mac Mini computer


Here’s what you pay for our custom home service.

$99 – plus parts
SSD Standard (up to 400GB)

$179 plus parts
Migration Plus
(data migration over 400GB to 1.5 Terabytes)

$229 plus parts
Mega Migration
(data migration over 1.5 TB)

(above 2TB $60 per hour after 2 hours)