In Memory of my friend Craig

I think we are all a little shattered and stunned by Craig’s sudden passing this weekend so I wanted to share a few memories of my friend as I knew him and give his many friends a place to share their own thoughts or comments if they wish. I scrolled backwards for years in my pictures and could not find one of us together. There are some, on a different hard drive in a tote in my garage probably. Despite what I do for a living, I’m not much of one for documenting life that way. You will excuse me for letting my words alone do the talking on this occasion.

Put this youtube music clip on in a different window and read on. It is good music to mourn by.
Disintegration Loops

I met Craig in or around 1989. He was working as a co-op student from Capilano College at a post-production house my then-employer used to do an old-fashioned procedure called motion control on still images. It took a big electromechanical robot with a Betacam for a head and turned still photos into moving video with ersatz pans, zooms, and other camera moves. Now you can do it on your phone. Anyway. He was the fresh-faced and charming fellow running the thing and we got to chatting. I don’t remember how it turned out, but talk went to mountain biking and a ride was born.

It turned out we shared other interests. Puff puff pass. So was a relationship that I will never forget. Together we have partied and puked and done things we were proud of and others not so much. And for the past 30-some years we have converged and diverged until so we thought, we finally found parallel paths. Grow old and be Cariboo codgers together. Now it is not to be. I have no solace to offer. Life is perplexing and beautiful and uncertain. All our experiences turn out to be the set of things that does not belong to a set. I had to get that in there. It is useful in a koan-ish way.

In the year(s) of the Plague we are reminded that Death wears more than one hat. You will want to hold your loved ones tighter, no matter how far away they are. For what it’s worth, I don’t think I would live where Iive if I hadn’t known Craig. And I feel like I have finally found home. So for me, there’s that. Thanks Craiger.


  1. admin | |

    test message

    RIP my brother


  2. Anonymous | |

    Beautiful tribute, Chris. RIP Craiger, I will miss you so much. You were such an incredibly bright spark and inspiration to everyone who crossed your path. I feel blessed to have known you over the past four years. I wish we could have got together for that game of Catan that you were wanting to play or for another drink around the fire pit. Thanks for luring us here and for all the memories xoxo

  3. Ash | |

    And then there was ultmate…

  4. Ash | |

    And then there was ultimate…

  5. Jimmy 2 shoes | |

    And you can’t mention ultimate without mentioning Name Game…

    A beautiful eulogy, Chris.

    Still trying to wrap my head around this.

  6. Anonymous | |

    Awwww brother, I’m so heartbroken for you! It’s time for a visit no matter what the world is up too! My love you big brother, RIP Craig!

  7. Annie | |

    I’ve been thinking about you these past few weeks and I’m so glad you found your way to the beautiful Cariboo and your best friend for some time together before the pandemic, with all its uncertainty and now this, most personal loss for you. I imagine that Craig, in his time in 108, had already made an impression on his local community with his vitality and drive to always leave a neighborhood better than he found it.
    I had really hoped to visit you both in November 2020 before we were locked down again – and I aim to drive up this spring as soon as I am able. I hope to see you then for a beer, a hug and some good memories.

  8. Anonymous | |

    Your comment that you don’t have a photo with Craig motivated my to finally go through my old pre-digital photos. I’ve tried to do this every day for the last week but I just couldn’t face it; reading your tribute has given me that little bit of strength I needed to finally do it so thank you for that.
    There’s a photo of you, me, Craig and Micha. You and Craig are wearing wigs. We are painting faces on styrofoam heads. We are all pulling faces. There’s a lot of beer on the table. I think that about sums up the kooky, wonderful friendship we all shared with Craig. “Life is perplexing, beautiful and uncertain.” SO well said Chris.

  9. Bonyta Watson | |

    oh i forgot to my name on that one – it’s bobo.

  10. Anonymous | |

    I’m sure I have a photo of the two of you together Chris. I’ll find it for you.

  11. Anne Marie | |

    Chris, I’ve been thinking a lot of both you and Craig in the last 24 hours. I feel so lucky that chance made the two of you part of my welcoming community in Vancouver. Stay strong friend. ❤️

  12. Kristyn | |

    Hi Chris – I’ve just sent you a lovely pic of the two of you – looks like from Name Game #3. There were friendships, and then there was the love that you two had for each other. I’m glad I got to be a part of it all.

  13. Kristyn | |

    On the subject – you were with Craig the night I met you both. You had press passes from the monster truck rally and you guys walked into the room like kings.

  14. Paula | |

    You two were together when I met you both, too! In the edit room for “Scams, Schemes and Scoundrels”. (!) I have at least one good photo of you together in an album in Canada, won’t be able to send it until I get back there (2022?) but I’ll send it sometime.

  15. Lori Miller | |

    I’ve been thinking of you sending so much love
    I’m inspired now to figure a way to digitize the vhs Craiger made of my wedding in 2002
    Still residing in shock denial and sadness for Craiger his family and so very many friends
    He brought alot of goodies together I am grateful he brought me to meet you

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