The New York State of Mind

My latest article is online at the Tyee. Find out who’s behind the Big Apple’s transportation system reboot.

Why New York Enticed Translink Chief
When Translink CEO Tom Prendergast starts running NYC’s transit system, he’ll have a visionary ally in Janette Sadik-Khan.
By Chris Keam

Translink’s challenges are once again in the spotlight, with a damning ministry report preceded by last week’s announcement that CEO Tom Prendergast is leaving Vancouver to become the president of New York City Transit. The reasons for Prendergast’s decision, rumored and official, include Translink troubles and Big Apple opportunities. But one largely unmentioned reality that surely played a role in Prendergast’s decision is the powerful compatriot he will have in Janette Sadik-Khan. (Read the full article)

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