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June 9, 2014
Prepare to Paddle – What you need to know
for your first sea kayak adventure of the season
Sea kayaking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of BC’s coastline and lakes.
These tips help make that first trip of the season a safe and enjoyable experience.

Courtenay, B.C. – At this time of year many people are getting ready for their first sea kayaking trip of the year – looking forward to fresh air, exercise, and unparalleled access to wildlife in its natural environment. To help make sure that first trip is a safe, enjoyable paddle, Dave Pinel – owner of West Coast Expeditions, offers some easy-to-follow advice for anyone getting ready for their first kayak trip of the season.

“Preparation is key, both for your body and your equipment,” says Pinel. “Whether your first paddle of the year is a short jaunt around your local waters for a few hours, or a multi-day adventure.”

On the physical side, Pinel points out that while kayaking relies on your hands, arms, and shoulders to control the paddle, much of the exertion comes from your core muscles. (read more)