Recent Work – The Sustainable Region Episode 4, May 2017 — Homelessness in Metro Vancouver

The Sustainable Region Episode 04 2017 – Regional Homelessness from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.

Skyrocketing house prices, underfunded social services, and a lack of affordable rental housing are having a devastating impact on people across the Metro Vancouver region. In this episode of The Sustainable Region, we examined the ways people end up without a place to live, what it’s like to live in homelessness, and some of the programs that help people get out of homelessness. We also looked at the 2017 Homeless Count and the sharp increase in homelessness (30%) since the last count in 2014.

My thanks to the everyone who made this program a success. Like many people who enter into fields such as communications, journalism, and social work, I do this kind of project with the desire to make a difference. I hope this show has a positive impact on an issue that can be fixed with political leadership, adequate funding, and compassion.

You can learn more about the issue here:

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