Understanding the Waste-to-Energy Option

Diverting garbage from the landfill to an incinerator is a controversial topic. Critics say that it fosters a dependency on generating waste to generate power and revenue. Advocates believe that it’s a necessary compromise in a society where recycling and re-use options remain limited to certain categories of waste.

Metro Vancouver's Waste to Energy facility in Burnaby
280,000 tonnes of waste are processed each year at Metro Vancouver’s Waste to Energy facility in Burnaby

If you aren’t conversant on the topic, the debate can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. This short video I produced for the Metro Vancouver Multi-media Division (see below)  helps explain what goes on behind-the-scenes at Metro Vancouver’s waste to energy plant in Burnaby. What do you think? Should we be moving away from waste disposal and towards zero-waste solutions? How do we get there? How long will it take? And who foots the bill? Tough questions that not only politicians, but our society as a whole must answer.

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