Vancouver Pedestrian Dies After Collision With Cyclist

Vancouver recorded what appears to be the first ever pedestrian/cyclist collision fatality in the region last Wednesday morning (Nov. 17) when a man, identified as 80 year old Kwok Chan in this Globe and Mail story, was struck by a cyclist in the 3500 block on Main Street. According to the Vancouver Police Department’s official media release Mr. Chan was crossing the street mid-block. Non-Vancouver residents should note that the east/west cross streets in this area don’t line up, creating several ‘T’ intersections (Google Map of area). The cyclist was traveling northbound.

While Mr Chan initially appeared to be OK, his condition immediately worsened and the attending ambulance personnel transported him to hospital, where he succumbed to a serious head injury the next morning.

The cyclist, who has not been identified, remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. The VPD have spoken with one witness, but is asking that anyone else with information to please contact them at 604-717-3012.

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