Writing a Really Great Year-End Letter

With autumn underway, it’s time to think about crafting an end-of-year message to your valued employees, members, customers, or other stakeholders in your organization. Done properly, recognizing the successes, challenges, and opportunities of your year is a clever way to do some marketing, show gratitude, and recognize effort, all in one.

Here’s how to inspire your team to new heights in the New Year, with a framework for a concise, entertaining, and easy-to-read end-of-year message that you can utilize in an email, as a newsletter article, or even a video. Get in touch if you’d like some help creating your own version of a year-end message.

What a Year It Was

Begin with the central event or theme of your year. Rebuilding or expanding? Where were you headed in the year previous and how did you do in getting there? Why is this event or activity the thing that dominates your year? Was it the culmination of intention realized, or perhaps an example of pivoting with aplomb? Tell us why this particular thing makes you proud of your team.

But no doubt you had other successes. Lead into…

Our Crowning Achievements

Bullet list 3 to 5 key achievements in the year previous. The big accounts landed or major projects finished are obvious candidates. Awards and media coverage are also good metrics. If you have more than that, it’s either kudos to you, or be a bit more discerning in your ‘five star’ achievement filter. Probably #2.

Not Without Challenges

Recognize that all years come with their valleys as well as peaks. It is fitting to remember someone who may have passed on, and/or those who retire. If a significant operational challenge was faced, did one department go above and beyond, or perhaps it showcased resilience across the board? Our culture is becoming more comfortable with communicating sadness and loss with sincerity. There is no harm in amplifying this trend with a few thoughtful words.

Onwards and Upwards

Finish with a positive vision for the year ahead. What are the goals your team should strive towards? How do you want them to get there? And why should they care? Answer those three questions with honesty and enthusiasm and your year-end letter will offer all the spirit of the season with a little motivational inspiration to end the year!

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